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I surfed the web for months looking for ways to make money on the internet. Night after night I collected links and info and looked for that one hit to make me a millionaire.  I did not become a millionaire, but I found alot of methods that generate decent sums and I collected them all. Then I thought: “Why not share my work, others will definitely profit from my Infos”. Thats when I started this blog to share the “best of” of all the methods I tried. And of course you help me aswell, by visiting my blog and viewing my ADs ;) (the little advertise on the right hand side)

Now have fun on my Blog and I really hope some of you appreciate this collection.

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(Collection updated: August 2013)

NOTE: I know there are scammers out there, but at some point you gotta just trust a guy and try something, no I’m not that guy, I’m just gonna point you in the right directions.
And I promise you this: If you have the willpower and dedication, you will succeed in making money online, you will find a way, I believe in you.

(If you feel like you’ve been scamed by any of those methods (which I doubt), please let me know immediately so I can remove the method off my list, Thank you!)


Since this is a list of “hyped” methods, this website has to be 1st on the list.
It’s completely free. There are over 4 million members and growing. If you haven’t heard from them already (they’re online since 2007), then you have now. Go sign up, it’s free!
Here’s how it works: You complete small tasks for the site (quite fun tasks sometimes) like:
- Watching a Video
- Filling out a quick survey
- Downloading an app
- Trying a game
- etc. etc
You can choose what you do. And every task earns you some points or cash.
Do it on your iPhone when you’re going for a smoke, do it at work once a day, do it when taking a dump, I dont care ;) . The points you can either cash out or you can shop with them. Everything from Xbox over games to IPads or even Diapers. Heres how and why they are able to pay you for your “tasks”:
How Points2Share works
Still dont know how it works? Check out their site!
You wanna start making some money online? Start small, start here! Bookmark this website and come back later to sign up for more methods, because alot of small incomes equal one big income (duh), if you know what I mean.


Google Sniper
This method is very hyped at the moment everywhere on the internet. Probably you’ve heard of it already. He’s actually a very successfull man behind the program. I wanted to know what he’s all about and checked it out, the information is definetly worth the money. Good Information to get here. Up to you if you try it, but make sure to check out their website.
(I know his video can be annoying, but his product is actually gold, if you’re willing to invest the 47 bucks)

Get cash for surveys

I’ve spent quite some time trying this and yes it works, but it takes some time and the results are medium. You wont get rich overnight but its definetly a start. You do surveys and get paid, which makes sense because your opinion in a survey is actually of monetary value for marketanalytics. The model works, it won’t make you a millionaire but combining different methods will!


OK hands down saleshoo works. Because what they do works. You’re selling on ebay and profit because you get the products cheaper at salehoo. The whole technic and all you need is on their page ready. If I put my hands in the fire for any method out there, its this one. You will see resusts if you dedicate yourself to it and have the will and ambition to start, it wont happen overnight though.


I’m gonna tell you right away I haven’t tried this one. A friend actually recommended this one but I never got to it since I was busy with salehoo alot. But check it out for sure.


Get Paid To Draw
If you have a talent for drawing or taking pictures, this is the place for you. I’m not good at drawing or taking nice pictures but the method definetly works. Although the payment depends on the quality of your drawings etc. Basicly if a company or individual wants to use your drawing or picture they pay for it. If you have some nice drawings on there they get selled over and over again. They are having quite some success and a friend whos into drawing wont shut up about their service when I meet him. ;)


Bonus Bagging
OK the Idea behind this method is to cash out bonuses on various sites. BonusBagging is quite hyped right now, and if you are into gambling you should check it out, I know for fact that it is possible to cash out bonuses, even though it takes some patience. I havent signed up for them but I’m sure theyll provide you with information on how and where to cash out the biggest bonuses.
Make thousands RISK FREE


Paid Online Writing Jobs
Earn Money Writing stuff. This is not your “get-rich-quick” website, but this will give you a nice passive income. They are looking for hundreds of writers everyday. All you need is an internet connection and basic English writing skills. They are the biggest site in the branche and if you like to write, well then you have just found the perfect place to make some bucks online, every month.


Lottory Method
Ok this is a bit controversial. Winning with lottory? If you check out their site you’ll see what its all about. And because this method is hyped and talked about for years, I thought i’ll add it for the sake of the list. Oh and they give away a free ebook. (really free :D )
Lottory Method


Another Sports-Betting-Site. There are LOTS of those, the reason I picked this one is because they have very nice testimonials and I only heard good stuff about them. If you’re betting on Sports from time to time you will definetly profit from this site.


Info cash
I dont have a banner for this site but I’m gonna tell you this is the shit. Not even kidding. It works for me at the moment, believe me or not. You dont need technical knowledge and the instruction videos they provide are top notch. When I show my friends a method, this is the one. The technic he shows is well known and you can figure it out yourself, but his program gives great coaching and step by step guides. If you don’t believe this works, you’re wrong. I strongly recommend you look into this if you can afford to spend a few dollars for their services and even if you dont, watch his video.
(I know the videos make you think it’s probably a scam, but think about it like this: If you would wanna promote something, something good, completely legitimate, how would you promote it without anyone thinking its a scam? Answer is you can’t, the scamers are promoting so well, you gotta keep up, people will think its a scam when in facts it is not a scam at all… thats how it works in internet marketing)


Social Media and Mobile/Tablet is the future. And there is definetly money to be made in this branche. This site is pretty new and having a huge success. You get paid for doing stuff on facebook or twitter. Really promising stuff and solid business model with a bright future. Had to take this one to the “hype-list”.


Beyond Domaining
Are you looking for something really trustworthy and solid? Heres your website. Its perfect if you’re interested in Domain Building but are a “noob” on the subject. The service is 50$ and has a 60 Day Cash Back Guarantee. I signed up about 18 months ago when I was a noob in building a Domain and they really helped me get going. I had quite some success by rapidly throwing out domains with their system. Their website is filled with good testimonials. I suggest you just check it out for yourself:


I will constantly update this list, and again: if you signed up for a website and feel like its a SCAM (which i doubt) then please let me know by posting a comment and I will remove the method immedietly off my site.

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